Coingame This exercise was developed especially for children and eye tracking. It is a playful visual training game in which the mouse is a hand and you have to collect as many coins as possible within 30 seconds. The aim is not to move the mouse wildly across the screen, but to collect coins in a controlled and targeted manner and to move the eyes.

The speciality of this exercise is that it is completely playable without a mouse. Eyetracking allows you to control the mouse with your eyes and perform a very direct training. To do this you have to buy an additional eyetracking adapter, which registers the eye movements via infrared and can therefore control the mouse. Call us if you would like more information about this technology: +41 79 652 61 07


  1. Sit in the middle of the screen at a distance of about 30cm (depending on the size of the screen).
  2. Enlarge the browser window if necessary so that it fills the whole screen.
  3. Fix your head (e.g. with one hand) so that it does not move.
  4. Collect as many coins as possible
  5. Search the screen with your eyes only, your head does not move.
  6. Work out 2 times a day, each 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
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