Are you looking for a visual training for your institution?

Then you might be interested in our PRO version! You can test the version for three months free of charge, we adapt the software to your corporate design and you get your own subdomain.

Comparison of the PRO versions

Light (Pay per use)Basic
Ideal for...- smaller practices
- rather few patients with visual field loss
- Home training
- larger institution
- Many patients with visual field loss
- Training in the institution Further information
Annual costs (for practice)99.- CHF398.- CHF
Costs per patient (for practice)99.- CHF Further informationNo
Training at homeYesNo
Personal URLYesYes
Admin Account11
Number of usersUnlimitedUnlimited

Advantages of the PRO version

  • Activation fee to the value of CHF 400 as a gift!
  • Test free of charge
  • Personalized interface
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Overview of registered users and their progress
  • Customisable software
  • Changing the software according to your needs

Example of a PRO version: Inselspital, University Hospital Bern

One institution using this PRO version is the largest university hospital in Switzerland, the Inselspital in Bern. Have a look at the homepage of their individual PRO version here.

Apply for a PRO version

Offer your users a modern & individual visual training, tailored to the needs of your institution. Start your personal and individual PRO version for your institution here with just a few clicks:

Features of the Saccadic training

Over 10 varied exercises

Over 10 tried and tested exercises for visual optimisation.

Automated level recommendations

Based on your performance, you will receive anonymous level recommendations based on data from other users.

Mutiple statistical evaluations

Feedback is important. Therefore, a statistical evaluation appears after each training session.

Customisable software

Various settings allow you to adapt the eye training exactly to your needs. I recommend discussing these in more detail with a specialist.

14 days right of return

If you are not satisfied after purchase for any reason, I will refund you without discussion and quickly - I promise!


Currently available in the following languages: German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Turkish, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Chinese & Japanese

What do customers say about the Saccadic training?

Here you will find examples of people who have gained more independence and self-confidence in everyday life despite a vision problem..

Perfectly individual
obvita, Organization of the Eastern Swiss Blind Welfare Association:
"Perfectly individual"
Due to the individual adaptations of the software to the needs of our clientele, this can be optimally supported

Free trial version for institutions
Christa Gfeller-Indermühle, occupational therapist:
"Free trial version for institutions"
I can recommend Oculy because with this software I can start training immediately. As the owner of a smaller occupational therapy practice I appreciate the free trial version for institutions for demonstration purposes. So I can test the training in peace and quiet.

Interesting, varied and affordable
Michael Haller, occupational therapist:
"Interesting, varied and affordable"
I use Oculy because I like the ease of use. In addition, different levels of difficulty can be selected.
I recommend this eye training because it is interesting, varied and also affordable. This is also relevant especially for older people

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