Innovative visual training with eye tracking

Eye-Tracking: The mouse was yesterday...

Visual training with eye-tracking
TOBII eyex
Visual training on the computer is still traditionally done by mouse and this works as follows:
  1. Many different objects appear on the screen (e. g. numbers)
  2. The user has to find one or more specific objects without moving the head, only with the help of the eyes, so that the eye muscles can be trained
  3. The object is confirmed by using the mouse
  4. A new task is loaded

It is possible that the user may not be able to use the mouse optimally, for example because of a motor malfunction in the hand or due to age. This can lead to a slight change of the reaction time, because the user has actually already seen the object with his eyes, but is too slow with the mouse.


Visual training with eye-tracking
TOBII website


Now eye tracking comes into play. The Swedish company TOBII ( offers an eye tracking device for a relatively low price, which can detect eye movements by infrared technology. After the calibration you can then control the mouse cursor with your eyes... It has a magical effect and is of notable benefit for visual training, since the main objective is eye movement. Goodbye forever mouse!


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Beat Gurtner


With the friendly support of social informatics of obvita (Organization of the Eastern Swiss Blind Welfare Association)


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