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Words training The word training offers an exciting opportunity to combine visual training with various languages. We currently offer five different languages: German, French, English, Spanish and Italian. On the one hand, you can, for example, retrain your own language in case of a speech disorder and at the same time train your eyes. On the other hand, you can also learn or practice a foreign language. The exercise can be adapted to the language level by varying degrees of difficulty: Level 1 uses only simple and short words, whereas level 10 uses long and complex words.

Your task is to find a specific word among many different words distributed on the screen. This word is defined randomly and is shorter or longer depending on the difficulty level. Now try to find this word with your eyes as quick as possible. Do not move your head while doing so. Do not move the mouse either. Once you have found the word, you can select it with the mouse.


  1. Sit in the middle of the screen at a distance of about 30cm (depending on the size of the screen).
  2. Enlarge the browser window if necessary so that it fills the whole screen.
  3. Fix your head (e.g. with one hand) so that it does not move.
  4. Many words will appear on the screen. You have to find a special words on the screen and go over it with the mouse.
  5. Search the screen with your eyes only, your head does not move.
  6. Work out 2 times a day, each 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
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