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  • U. from Zürich rented the eye training a day ago
  • O. from Feldkirch rented the visual training 2 days ago
  • I. from Stuttgart bought the visual training 3 days ago
  • M. from Arlesheim bought the visual training 3 days ago
  • L. from Zürich rented the visual training 4 days ago
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  • I. from Zürich rented the visual training 8 days ago
%USD 131


USD131 / Month
  • Six exercises of your choice
  • 14 days right of return
  • Minimum statistics
  • Minimum settings
  • Without EASY-mode
  • Without eye tracking
%USD 261


USD261 / Month
  • All Exercises (16)
  • 14 days right of return
  • All statistics
  • All settings
  • Including the EASY-mode
  • With eye tracking
Are there exclusion criteria for certain people?

People with an acute eye condition (e.g. inflammation) should not start training until their symptoms have subsided and people with photosensitive evoked epilepsy should not train.

Can I still achieve success a long time after the event?

Yes! Even many years after an event, success can still be achieved because this eye training specifically trains the eye muscles.

How can I install the eye training on my computer?

Drag 'n drop the icon next to the url onto the desktop or watch this video: Watch the video

How can I cancel the eye training after a rental?

After the purchase, you can cancel the training at any time in the settings or you can simply write me an email.

What do customers say about eye training?

Here you will find examples of people who have gained more independence and self-confidence in everyday life despite a vision problem.

Newly gained mobility
Mr. Castella:
"Newly gained mobility"
My mobility was severely restricted by a restriction of the visual field. After two months of visual training, I was able to successfully regain my previous mobility

Perfectly individual
obvita, Organization of the Eastern Swiss Blind Welfare Association:
"Perfectly individual"
Due to the individual adaptations of the software to the needs of our clientele, this can be optimally supported

...as independently as before
Mr S.:
"...as independently as before"
Through a recommendation I came across this training because of an optic nerve problem. The many different exercises and simulators have motivated me to train frequently (daily). The training was worthwhile, because after seven months I was as independent as before.

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