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General training The feneral training is a classic exercise to improve eye movements. Even before the time of computers, visual training with people was carried out in a similar way. At that time, different numbers, letters or objects in different sizes were placed on a wall and an instructor carried out the training. He had to find a specific object. He was only allowed to move his eyes, not his head. After the object was found, he had to find a new object suggested by the instructor, and in the computer age this exercise can now be done a little easier and without an instructor at home. Of course, the complete training should be discussed and accompanied by a specialist, but now an instructor no longer has to carry out the exercise all the time. Once instructed, all exercises of the saccade trainer are designed so that they can also be performed independently, and thanks to the Easy mode, this exercise can also be performed by people with a severe visual impairment. With this mode, the target object to be searched for is clearly displayed so that it should be relatively easy to find.


  1. Sit in the middle of the screen at a distance of about 30cm (depending on the size of the screen).
  2. Enlarge the browser window if necessary so that it fills the whole screen.
  3. Fix your head (e.g. with one hand) so that it does not move.
  4. Many numbers will appear on the screen. You have to find every |user_symbol| on the whole screen and go over it with the mouse.
  5. Search the screen with your eyes only, your head does not move.
  6. Work out 2 times a day, each 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
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