Configuration test

To optimally configure eye training, we recommend using the configuration test. This test does not replace a medical examination. It is NOT intended to prevent, treat, cure, alleviate or diagnose disease! Moreover, it is not suitable for altering anatomical functions or structures of the human body

1. Open and click ‘Start here’

Schritt 1

2. Click on ‘Start configuration test’

  • Types of tests: There are three different types of tests. You differentiate between the test duration, the number of test points and their size. It is recommended to start with’Simple’. Slow’ is suitable for older people. Detailed’ gives a more accurate result.

  • Pre-test: You can do a short pre-test so you can see how the test works

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3. Pre-test


  • Do not move your head or eyes and focus only on the red cross in the middle

  • Press the space bar on your keyboard as soon as you see a white dot

  • HINT: If possible, hold your chin with one hand to avoid involuntary head movements

Schritt 3

4. Pre-test result

If you have successfully completed the pre-test, you should see the following message. If you see an error, you may not have pressed the space bar correctly or there was another problem. Please contact us if you have any difficulties:

  • Click Start configuration test

Schritt 4
  • If the pre-test was not successful, this message should appear:

Schritt 4

5. Perform test

Now the actual test begins. Proceed as for the pre-test!

  • Do not move your head and eyes

  • Fix the red cross in the middle

  • Press the space bar if you are a white dot

  • Be honest! Press only when you see a dot

  • The easy test takes about 2 minutes and the detailed test about 3 minutes

Schritt 5

6. Enter your email address and click ‘Send test results’

To see your result, enter your email address. If you have already logged in, this message does not appear.

  • Important: Your email address will be stored encrypted on Swiss servers and will not be passed on to third parties!

Schritt 6

7. Open email and follow instructions

The 1st eye test must be verified by email. Now check your mailbox (including spam folders), find the following email and follow the instructions. Once your email address has been verified, this step does not need to be done in the future.

  • Hint: Register to make the configuration test easier! The registration is free of charge and without obligation

Schritt 6

8. Results

Here you can see your test results:

  • Recommended setting: Here you will find information on how best to set up the program. If you have performed the test incorrectly, you will not see a unique result here.

  • Tendency: There may also be a tendency to indicate where the disorder might be

  • Correct answers in percent

Hint: To see a detailed evaluation, click on ‘Show details’

Hint: By clicking on ‘Register for trial’, you can register directly for a free trial version. You can test these without obligation for 14 days. You do not have to do anything after this deadline either. Access is simply blocked and you can no longer use the course. If you want to buy it, click here for more information.

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9. Details

Here you can see exactly which points you have seen and which not (black background). The reaction time is given in seconds

Tip: Click on ‘Back’ to return to the previous view

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