Picture puzzle

A more challenging exercise in which you will have to compare two images and find the differences.

  • For this exercise you must be logged in (Instruction) and you must be on the home page.

  • Note: For this exercise, you may need to scroll down slightly with the mouse

1. Open the exercise by clicking on the corresponding box

Schritt 1

2. Select level and category

  • Level: Changes the difficulty of the exercise: image size, number of images

  • Category: Changes the background image and the objects to search for: flower, balls, cars, fish, airplanes, leaves, farm, birds, tools, beetles, coins

Schritt 2

3. Click on ‘Start’

Schritt 3

4. Click on ‘Start’

This picture shows the normal exercise without easy mode

  • Note: Using the ‘Skip’ link, you can skip to the next category if the current category is too difficult.

Schritt 4

5. Find the object on one of the images that is not mirrored

  • The entire screen is vertically separated by a line. Left and right of the line the same image is displayed mirrored, but there are some objects left or right that are not mirrored and which you should find with a mouse click

  • Attention: Move your eyes only, not your head

  • Note: If you want to end the exercise prematurely, press the ESC key

Schritt 5

6. Click ‘Save and quit’ or ‘Start’

If you want to finish the exercise, click ‘Save and quit’, otherwise click ‘Start’.

Schritt 6

7. Click on ‘Continue training’

After the exercise, a statistic appears in which you can analyze the exercise you have just performed. For more detailed evaluations, click on ‘Show more statistics’.

Schritt 7