Settings: Change Password

  • To follow these instructions, you must be on the home page.

To change your password, proceed as follows:

1. Click on ‘Settings’ above

Schritt 1

2. Click on ‘Change password’ above

Schritt 2

3. Enter your current password in the top field

Schritt 3

4. In the middle field, enter a new password with at least 6 characters

Schritt 4

5. Confirm your new password in the field below

Schritt 5

6. Click ‘Save’

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7. Confirmation

Schritt 7

8. Possible error messages

  • Old password is incorrect: You have entered your old password incorrectly! Try again, create a new password or contact us:

  • Passwords don’t match: You must enter the new password twice exactly the same. You have entered different new passwords. Try it again or contact us: